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ArtPrize is starting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you don't know about ArtPrize it's a competition for art works of all types that are displayed all around the city of Grand Rapids. The public votes for which creations they like best, there are also juror awards. This is the third time that I've participated in ArtPrize and am honored to have been given a prime location. The B O B (Big Old Building) is a collection of restaurants and bars in the heart of the city that sees a tremendous amount of traffic. I'm lucky enough to be located in the main lobby, right in between the two main entrances. I can hardly believe my good fortune!

The collection of drawings on display represent Air, Earth, Water & Fire, the primary elemental energies that are the foundation for life. Each of these elements bring with them their own unique identity. My drawings depict each of these forces, overlaying them with human figures to further convey a image of the personalities that dwell within, and as a reminder of the importance of the world in which we live.

The four drawings in the collection on display include:

Air Elemental: Prevailing Optimism

symbolizing intellect, mental intention and connection to universal life force.

Earth Elemental: Divine Fodder

symbolizing grounding, the foundation of life, substance, connection to life path and family roots.

Water Elemental: Serenity's Renewal

symbolizing emotional release, intuition, and inner reflection

Fire Elemental: Passion's Resolve

symbolizing energy, a tool for transformation, connection to personal power and inner strength

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