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5 Faerie Fantasy Necklace in Sterling Silver with Accent Stones

5 Faerie Fantasy Necklace in Sterling Silver with Accent Stones

Five carefree, enchanting faeries delight as they as they soar, leap and cavort around this magical piece of fantasy jewelry. The faeries names are (from left to right): Brave, Joy, Clarity, Spirit and Bliss - perfect energies to take with you throughout your day. The linked scrollwork medallions are set with stones which add to the mystical quality of this faerie necklace. The scrollwork of the triangular and oval links are echoed in the wings of the faeries, bringing the entire design together in a truly magical way in this piece of artisans jewelry. The faeries are sculpted three dimensionally so as you move they swing and take on life of their own.

The overall length of the Frolicking Faerie Necklace is 21 1/2 inches long and can be adjusted to wearable lengths between 15 - 21 inches by attaching the lobster clasp to any link of the chain. This makes the fantasy necklace perfect for a variety of wearing preferences, necklines and body types. The end of the chain is finished with a triangular scrollwork piece which dangles down the back. The length of the individual faeries range from 1 1/4 - 1 5/8 inches long. Along with the faeries, the scrollwork oval and triangular pieces are all my original design and creation. The ovals are set with 6mm stones that alternate between Black Star Diopside and Rainbow Moonstones. Black Diopside is a stone that is grounding and healing, it aids in connecting with the faerie realm and nature spirits. Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of mystery, self-discovery, intuition and insight. If you would like to special order this necklace with different stones please contact me.

As with all of my work this piece of fantasy jewelry was created using the lost wax method. I first start by doing a detailed drawing of my intended subject. Then I sculpt my design in wax. I start with overall shape and form, making sure all the individual pieces are proportional to each other, then adding detail such as facial features, fingers, toes, hair and scrollwork wings. After the wax sculpture is complete it is cast in sterling silver, excess metal is removed, rough polished, linked together, soldered, patina applied, stones set, then completed by a final polish. It is a time consuming process, but one that I thoroughly enjoy. For more detailed information on my wax sculpting and casting process go to and look at the "Creation Process" and "Wax Sculpting" sections. The only purchased parts of this handmade faerie necklace are the chain, jump rings, clasp and stones.

If you love this sterling silver necklace, but are looking for one with a little less impact, versions are available with 3 faeries and another with a single faerie. There are also pendants of the individual faeries with cool scrollwork bails, one with and one without a stone. There are also matching earrings making it a truly stunning fantasy or Renaissance jewelry set. A mermaid is also done in this same style. Take a little Spirit, Bliss, Brave, Clarity and Joy with you each day with this beautiful faerie necklace.

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