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Dragon Necklace, Sterling Silver Fantasy Jewelry, Dimensional Dragon Hatchling P

Dragon Necklace, Sterling Silver Fantasy Jewelry, Dimensional Dragon Hatchling P

This little dragon will be large and fierce one day, but right now he's just hatched and not even all the way out of his shell, making it a truly unique dragon necklace.

This sterling silver fantasy jewelry was created using the lost-wax casting method. After various designs and sketches were completed the dragon was sculpted out of wax. This process takes many enjoyable hours to create a strong overall design, along with precise detail -- note the individual scales on the dragon. When sculpting is complete the wax is invested in plaster and put in a kiln for a burnout cycle, the wax melts and molten silver is poured into the void where the wax used to be. It is cooled for a few minutes, then quenched in water, the plaster breaks away leaving the cast metal. Then excess metal is removed and the piece is given a rough polish. The silver is then oxidized (antiqued) to highlight the detail of the work before it receives a final buff. 

This magical pendant is 7/8" tall x 3/4" wide, see the size in relationship to the penny, making it small enough for child's jewelry or for someone that prefers wearing smaller fantasy pendants. A 16 inch cord is included with this dimensional dragon hatchling pendant.


Apr 9, 2019 

Beautiful. Very well made.

Sara ramos


Dec 14, 2017 

Amazing artwork!!! Stunning detail, as always. Thank you!

Britt Bent


Jan 8, 2017 

First things first: The design of this pendant is adorable. This little one makes me want to give it a chin rub :) and I am sure it will be worn often (already is :) & I like the cord, too). I would like to note just one thing: My baby dragon's foreleg is much smoother than shown in pictures 1 to 3 (where leg and neck are different but not as much) which makes it visually somewhat less coherent (making the leg look a little bit like a human forearm). I hope this is not too picky a remark (I am just hoping to give feedback on a detail). Thank you for this cute, cute baby dragon! It is loved already.



Nov 18, 2016 

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE my little dragon. Such incredible work. The detail is amazing. Skillfully constructed and packaged thoroughly. It's gotta be one of the coolest things to ever appear on this site. I also appreciated the note and crystal ;) I highly recommend this shop. Sharon is a seriously great artist. Whimsical ~


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