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Mermaid Ring In Sterling Silver, Magical Fantasy Jewelry

Mermaid Ring In Sterling Silver, Magical Fantasy Jewelry

This magical Mermaid encircles your finger with both her tail and the ocean waves, weaving mystery around her for all to see. This fantasy ring is balanced and very comfortable to wear.

To create this ring I started with a detailed pencil drawing to refine my idea and layout the proportion of the piece. The next step was to sculpt everything in wax, this was a very time and labor intensive process; including applying one scale at a time on the mermaid's tail. While great attention was given to such details, I also took great care to ensure the musculature was accurate and the overall design pleasing. When sculpting was complete it was cast using the lost wax method in sterling silver. A patina was applied to give some areas a darker finish than others, providing for contrast and interest. This was followed by hand polishing and an application of Renaissance Wax to protect the finish and guard against tarnish.

The top of the mermaid's head to the bottom of her tail measures 1 3/16 inches. This ring is available in sizes 6 1/2 to 10, please contact me to let me know which size you would like.


Sep 4, 2016 

Fantastic ring. Seller also put in some wonderful crystals.


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