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Sharon Berkan-Dent ART
Member of the Society of Animal Artists


Graphite Pencil Drawings, Giclée Prints & Note Cards

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Graphite Drawings of Nature, Animals & Mystical Themes And Artisans Sterling Silver Fantasy Jewelry 

One Artist, Two Mediums

When creating artwork my fascination with the mystical world intertwines with my love of nature. I am in awe of the natural wonders that surround us; be it wide vistas, intimate views of vegetation, incredible wildlife or animals found on a farm. I am captivated by stories of myth, lore, spirituality and fantasy, these themes also appear in my drawings and are the primary focus of my jewelry creations. 

My jewelry is created by the lost wax process, spending numerous hours sculpting wax, capturing form and detail and apply the sculptural form to a functional piece of jewelry. It is then casting them in sterling silver.  

My drawings also require much time to complete, 40 - 150 hours each, depending on the size and complexity. I approach my artwork from the viewpoint of a naturalist, composing graphite drawings to accurately reflect the texture, detail and intricacy of the environment and subjects that are my focus. While drawing I also attempt to capture the mystical connection I feel to the world around me, be it in the subtlety of composition or in mystical themes.

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3865 E Johns Ln
Midland, MI


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